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Title: And Everything, It Will Surely Change
Author: evies_gravity 
Rating: T (previously known as PG13)
Category: Romance, General
Summary: Nothing can stay the same forever, right? Elena deals with the opportunities for change in her life.
Spoilers: Up to episode 1x14 "Fool Me Once" (I'll steal what I need, when I need it. Otherwise disregard)
Warnings: none for now, will keep updated with new chapters
Show/Bookverse: Show only. I don't own the books, and have no desire to read them

   Damon had watched Elena and his brother walk through the halls of the school and waited until she was alone to send her the message. He saw her read it and tap out a reply. He pulled his phone from his own pocket and read:
    Have a copy of the journal with me. Should I leave it outside for you?
    He looked up to see her through the window of the school watching him. He nodded to her. She withdrew a stack of papers from her bag, placing them on the windowsill, then walked away. He moved quickly to grab the journal copy. He hadn’t been fast enough following Anna to keep her from getting the original. The confrontation that ensued after that had ended in a draw; each promising the other something they didn’t have. Anna promised the location of the spell book, Damon promised a witch. Both wanted in the tomb, and both were telling half truths.
    He walked away from the school to his car and drove back to the boarding house. He thought he knew where the spell book would be, but needed the Gilbert journal to confirm his suspicions, and then hopefully get it before Anna.
    Once back in his home, he grabbed a bottle of bourbon from the sideboard and made for the study. He sat behind the old desk and began reading, drinking his way through each page. It took most of the afternoon, but he found what he was looking for: the grimoire was buried with his father. Tonight he was going to open his father’s grave, and the last person he thought possible was going to help him.

    Elena managed to stay off Stefan that evening, but not without difficulty. He wanted her to go back to his house, a place Anna could not enter, but Elena countered that she couldn’t enter Bonnie’s house either, which is where she intended to go just before dark. She asked Stefan to keep an eye on her house, she didn’t want anything happening to Jenna and Jeremy, and Stefan agreed. Elena thought, however, that he was beginning to see through her lies, and she needed him to believe a little longer.
    Later, Elena said her goodbyes to him and drove to Bonnie’s house. Just because she was doing something…questionable, didn’t mean Elena was going to be stupid about it. She was going to check in with Bonnie before meeting Damon, that way at least one person knew where she was.
    Bonnie asked her again to tell Stefan, and Elena reminded her that it was better this way. Before Stefan knew it, Damon would be gone, and everything could go back to being as normal as it could be…with her vampire boyfriend and witch best friend. Bonnie didn’t agree, she could tell, but she didn’t stop Elena when she slipped out the front door and down to the corner to Damon’s waiting car. She saw Bonnie through the window as they drove past.
    As Damon accelerated, Elena spoke. “So where are we going? What are we doing?”
    “We’re going to visit my father, “he paused to look sideways at her. “Hope you don’t mind getting a little…dirty.”

    They had been digging for over an hour and luckily Anna hadn’t shown. Elena was beginning to tire when Damon’s shovel struck something that definitely wasn’t dirt. She stepped out of the grave to allow Damon the room he needed to open the coffin. She held a flashlight for him to see the contents surrounding the skeletal remains of his father.
    “Here it is.” He grabbed a rectangular box and placed it on the grave’s edge away from her. She watched as he opened it, and extracted a large, old book, gently placing it on the lid of the box. He turned around and almost smiled at Elena, when a swift breeze and a voice broke the moment. She looked up as Damon turned back around.
    “I can’t let you bring her back. I’m sorry.“ Stefan stood a few feet from the grave site holding the grimoire, an unreadable look upon his face. Damon climbed out of the gave to stand next to Elena. 
    Elena stared blankly at Stefan, but turned when she felt Damon look at her. His eyes were stormy and he was standing still in an eerie way. He raised his eyebrows at her as he spoke, voice unsteady for him. “You,” he began, his gaze turning steely. Elena could do nothing but look desperately back at him. “You had me fooled.”
    She watched him purse his lips, hiding the look of betrayal poorly.  She sighed, not daring to speak because she knew he wouldn’t believe her now. She didn’t know why Stefan was there, or how he even knew about their plan, but she looked down ashamed. And finally she felt Damon turn his gaze back to his brother. “So what are you going to do now? If you try to destroy that, I‘ll rip her heart out-”
    Elena took a step away from Damon as Stefan cut him off. “You won’t kill her.”
    She saw Damon’s eyebrows rise in challenge, but soften the longer Stefan stared at him. It was almost as though they had had this conversation before. Then, Damon was gone and she felt strong arms holding her from behind. She gasped in fright, even though she knew it was Damon who was holding her. She tried to struggle against his grasp, but it was useless. She saw Stefan take a step toward her, the book still in his hands. “I can do one better,” she heard Damon say.
    One of his arms shot across her eyesight, then she heard a biting sound. It wasn’t her flesh being bitten, she knew, and then Damon’s wrist was pressed between her parted lips, and blood met her tongue. She wanted to move away from it, but Damon’s grip was impossible to move against, and she had no choice but to swallow. “Give me the book Stefan, or I’m snapping her neck, and you and I will have a vampire girlfriend.”
    Her eyes widened in fear, she looked hopefully over Damon’s arm to Stefan, who looked as frightened as she felt. “Let her go first,” he said.
    Damon’s wrist was gone from her mouth, and she tried to spit the blood that remained out. She gasped for air, but Damon held her firm, and she could still feel his blood at the corners of her mouth. “The book,” Damon demanded.
    “I am not going to give this to you until she is standing next to me.”
    “The problem is, I don’t trust that you’ll give it back.” Damon hissed.
    Elena felt like crying. She didn’t know how the situation had spiraled so far out of control, and she didn’t know how it would end. Then Stefan spoke, “You just did the one thing that ensures that I will.”
    Elena felt Damon nod behind her, and watched as Stefan crouched, putting the book halfway between the brothers. She waited, and hoped Damon would let her go. The book sat on the ground, but Elena hadn’t been released. She felt Damon inhale against the top of her head, holding her closer to him. It strangely eased her a little, there was something almost gentle in his action. Then he slowly released his grip, and began to shift her toward Stefan. Just before he let her go, he rubbed her upper arm, and Elena thought it was almost apologetic. But she was terrified of him at that moment, and Stefan’s outstretched arm was a welcome sight. When she reached his hand, he pulled her into a tight embrace, and then they moved quickly out of the cemetery, Elena didn’t look back.

A/N: Two updates in one night. And I admit, I'm a little proud of this chapter. It was tricky to keep canon, AND move the story my direction.

Title: And Everything, It Will Surely Change
Author: evies_gravity 
Rating: T (previously known as PG13)
Category: Romance, General
Summary: Nothing can stay the same forever, right? Elena deals with the opportunities for change in her life.
Spoilers: Up to episode 1x14 "Fool Me Once" (I'll steal what I need, when I need it. Otherwise disregard)
Warnings: none for now, will keep updated with new chapters
Show/Bookverse: Show only. I don't own the books, and have no desire to read them

   “Elena, lock the front door. Go to your room and lock every entrance to it. Call Stefan, have him come over.” Damon’s instructions were curt, forceful. Elena nodded to each one, and Damon made for the front door.
    “If the doors are locked she can’t get in right?”
    Damon half turned back to her. “She’s been invited in Elena.”
    “What does that mean?” Elena questioned.
    “Just do what I say. You’re no good to me dead. Lock the damn door.” And he walked out, with the door closely softly behind him. He was off to follow Anna’s fresh trail, and with any luck, catch up.

    Several hours later it was after lunch at school. Stefan and Elena walked through the doors, Elena promising she’d meet up with him after their short advisory class. She moved further down the hall to where Bonnie was waiting for her. Elena brushed the hair out of her face, tapping her ear at Bonnie, indicating that Stefan would still be able to hear their conversation right then. Bonnie nodded and the two walked off to the only class they had together without Stefan-their first chance of the day to catch up.
    Once within the confines of the classroom, Elena felt it was safe enough to begin filling Bonnie in. She told her about the conversation with Damon (“didn’t go at all like I thought”), the existence of Anna (“don’t let anyone you don’t know into the house”), and finally her long night with Stefan.
    He hadn’t exactly been happy when Elena had let him through her window. He had been full of questions, and for the first time, Elena had lied to her boyfriend. It was easy enough to explain Anna, but to explain why Damon was there without him for the second time in as many days…Elena blamed it on Damon’s unpredictable nature, and his penchant for making her life difficult. She wasn’t sure Stefan completely believed her. She didn’t like lying to him, but she knew that in order to have Stefan in her life, it meant having Damon around too-and she was tired at being at odds with the older Salvatore.
    Bonnie brought her back to herself with a question. “Why did Anna want the journal?”
    Elena shook her head, “I’m not sure. I’m going to try and get it back today from Mr. Saltzman. It seemed really important to Anna, but as soon as Jeremy mentioned it, Damon seemed equally as interested. I think it might have something to do with the tomb. Are you sure you’re still willing to help us?”
    “I’ll help you, Elena. But I still think you should tell Stefan,” her best friend said, eyes pleading. “He deserves to know.”
    “I don’t know how genuine he would be in helping, Bonnie.” Elena said. She loved Stefan, and having him involved would help keep Bonnie safe, but she was afraid at what he would do to keep Damon from getting what he wanted. Katherine was the only reason why Damon was back in town, and Elena knew that Stefan wanted Damon gone as soon as possible. But that wasn’t going to happen until Damon had Katherine, so Elena couldn’t see why Stefan would be angry with her if she helped make that happen.
    The bell rang, signaling the end of the short period, and Bonnie and Elena gathered their thing, ready to go to history. Stefan was waiting at the door for them, and Elena wondered if anyone had notices he moved so fast. The three made their way to class. Upon entering the room, Elena stopped at Mr. Saltzman’s desk. “Excuse me, Mr. Saltzman?”
    The teacher raised his head to her. “Yes, Elena? What can I do for you?”
    “Do you still have the Gilbert journal?” she noticed his handsome face fall. His eyes turned apologetic.
    “I’m sorry Elena, I’m afraid it has gone missing. I truly apologize.”
    “When did it go missing?” Panic struck her.
    “Last night. It was here on my desk while I was working, and then later it was gone. I did, however, make copies of it before it went missing, so not all was lost.”
    She nodded. Did Anna get the journal? Or was it possible Damon had it? “Do you think I could have those copies?”
    He nodded. “Get them from me after class.”
    Elena walked to her seat and noticed Stefan watching her curiously. She hadn’t mentioned the diary last night to him. It inevitably had something to with the plan to raise Katherine, and that was off limits between them. So she took her seat and acted like a normal student during the class period. When the bell rang, she collected the copies and joined Stefan at the door. “Why did you need Jonathan Gilbert’s journal?”
    She took a breath, preparing to voice the lie she had spent the last 20 minutes thinking of. “Jeremy loaned it to Mr. Saltzman, but I wanted it to see if there were any clues about Katherine’s upbringing or past. I want to know if it makes mention of her family. I’m still trying to figure out where I came from. Unfortunately, I only have the copies. Mr. Satlzman says the real journal is missing.”
    Stefan seemed appeased by her lie, and Elena had to admit that it sounded good. She was glad that Bonnie was not walking with them, she would disapprove and possibly blow her cover. She and Stefan separated at the next hall and as soon as he was out of sight, she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. She opened it to the text on screen:
    We have work to do tonight. Anna has the journal, but I think I know where the grimoire  is.


Author's Note: I know. Chapter was way too short. Make up for it in next post.
Title: And Everything, It Will Surely Change
Author: evies_gravity 
Rating: T (previously known as PG13)
Category: Romance, General
Summary: Nothing can stay the same forever, right? Elena deals with the opportunities for change in her life.
Spoilers: Up to episode 1x14 "Fool Me Once" (I'll steal what I need, when I need it. Otherwise disregard)
Warnings: none for now, will keep updated with new chapters
Show/Bookverse: Show only. I don't own the books, and have no desire to read them  

   He blinked stupidly back at her. There was no other way to describe his reaction, and Damon was rarely dumbstruck. “Why would Bonnie agree to help me?”
    “She’s not helping you, she’s helping me. She’s my best friend. I’m going to you help you.” Elena replied.
    His face reverted back to it’s smirk, disbelief etching the corners of his eyes, his body constricting out of defense. The honesty and openness of moments before was gone, his mask was securely back in place. He had been willing to trust her, but he was automatically wary in regards to anything having to do with Katherine. He eyed her suspiciously before speaking. “Does Stefan know about this little arrangement?”
    Her face showed her guilt, and Damon knew his brother had no idea about Elena’s plans-a fact that worked in her favor. Damon didn’t want Stefan knowing anything about his resurrected plan of reconciliation with Katherine. Another plus, was his potential accomplice would be Stefan’s dear Elena. “Damon.”
    He focused his thoughts and eyes back to Elena. “You want Katherine back, right? Let me help you do that. But it can only be her, we can’t let the others out.”
    He considered her terms. He had no interest in anyone other then Katherine. “Fine. I get Katherine, I don’t care what you decide to do with the rest. The first thing we need is Emily’s spell book, her grimoire.”
    Damon watched Elena’s entire demeanor change. She had a purpose, and her body reflected her drive. She leaned forward from the couch as he leaned from the chair. “Where is it? How do we get it?”
    Before he could answer, the front door opened drawing both of their attentions to the foyer. In came Jeremy speaking to a person hidden from their view. “I’ll just get some from the kitchen. Come on in, make yourself comfortable. I’ll be just a minute. Hi Elena.”
    Elena stood and nodded to her brother as he passed. Damon kept his eyes on the foyer, body tense. Into the foyer walked a diminutive teenager with long, wavy, dark auburn hair. She carried a bag slung across her body. She turned fully toward the living room still wearing the smile she had been giving Jeremy.
    Damon stood. “Anna.”

    Elena watched as the girl, Anna, lost the smile and a malicious glint became clear in her eyes. Elena immediately felt the atmosphere of the room change, it became charged with impending danger, and she took a step closer to Damon. Damon responded by moving in front of her, and she felt safer. By his actions, and the behavior of the pint-sized girl, Elena knew she must be the vampire that had taken up residence in Mystic Falls, and that somewhere in his past, Damon had crossed paths with her before.
    “Relax Damon. I’m not here to kill anyone,” she smiled sweetly again. “At least not yet. If I don’t get what I want, that might change.”
    “What do you want Anna?”
    Jeremy chose that moment to return, carrying two sodas, extending one to Anna. Elena moved away from Damon, giving him a pleading look. Her brother now stood inches from a vampire. Which, if Elena had fully considered, it wasn’t the first time, but she rarely remembered that the Salvatores were essentially dangerous. This Anna girl, however, had he incredibly worried. “Jeremy-” Elena began.
    “Your sister was just introducing me to her friend, Jeremy,” Anna interrupted.
    “Right,” Jeremy replied. “Well, like I said outside, I don’t have the journal right now. I loaned it to my history teacher. I could probably get it from him tomorrow though.”
    Elena watched Anna the entire time Jeremy spoke. She saw the girl’s façade falter with anger and disappointment at her brother’s words. “Why would you give it to him?”
    Elena was startled by Anna’s outburst. Next to her, Damon was practically pulsing. She felt his emotions radiating off of him, and she was growing more and more fearful of the situation.
    “What journal, Jeremy?” Elena asked as she moved closer to her brother. She kept Anna in sight, and noticed Damon move to the end of the couch closest to the foyer.
    “Oh, Jonathan Gilbert’s journal from the civil war. I used it for Mr. Saltzman’s project, and then he asked to read it.” Jeremy took a step toward her, and she inwardly sighed in relief as it caused him to move away from Anna. “Anna wanted to borrow it too. I’m sorry I don’t have it.”
    He turned his head back to her. Elena watched Anna smile again before she spoke. “It’s okay Jeremy. I can live without it for now,” she paused and shifted her eyes to Damon for a weighted glance, then looked at Jeremy again. “Thanks for inviting me in.”
    Elena noted Damon’s squint of anger, and she knew he was holding back due to the mixed company. Anna smiled one more time before nodding at Jeremy and leaving, unopened soda still in hand. Elena barely registered that Jeremy was telling her he’d be in his room. She just stared at the front door and then back to Damon, who had barely moved.
    When Jeremy was out of earshot, Elena finally turned fully to him. “Friend of yours?”


Author's Note: I'd like first to say THANK YOU to all of you that leave feedback after I post.

Second-I know last chapter that Damon was a little OOC, but I'd like to explain. I didn't use the Atlanta story line, which meant that there was a large bonding experience missing in the D/E relationship, a component that is essential to have. So, I needed some way to put it in here, and that's what came out. I promise that it will make sense, even if you felt that it was rushed. But let's remember how quickly he trusted her in ep 1x13, and how big of a part that ultimately played? ;-D

Hang tight kids. I had jury duty today, which meant I wrote this chapter and TWO others. (nothing like sitting on your ass for 6 hours to get the creative blood pumping) So there will be more frequent updates. My goal is to have this fic DONE before the show comes back; because let's face it, the writers are just going to eff me up with all their brilliance. :-)

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Title: And Everything, It Will Surely Change
Author: evies_gravity 
Rating: T (previously known as PG13)
Category: Romance, General
Summary: Nothing can stay the same forever, right? Elena deals with the opportunities for change in her life.
Spoilers: Up to episode 1x14 "Fool Me Once" (I'll steal what I need, when I need it. Otherwise disregard)
Warnings: none for now, will keep updated with new chapters
Show/Bookverse: Show only. I don't own the books, and have no desire to read them  

   He was moving toward his bedroom door when from it a soft tapping came. It was Elena, Damon knew it, and he wanted to open the door to talk to her, but he couldn’t bring himself to do so. Instead, he backed away from it, and heard her voice, “Damon. I know you’re in there, and I’d really like to talk to you. Damon?”
    Her last word, his name, had come after a long pause. He stood frozen in the middle of his room. He heard her go down the stairs and out the front door. He knew Stefan was still next door, brooding over the emotional conversation he had just finished with Elena. Damon took his cue to leave while Stefan was preoccupied. He needed to distract himself from his thoughts, and there was still the matter of the new vamp in town. Maybe it was time to do a little tracking.

    Damon had tracked all day with little success. He was able to learn that the vampire was most likely female, but not much else. Whoever she was, she was good, it had taken Damon almost twelve hours to just learn one fact.  But he had also spent some time working on how to open the tomb. He knew that he needed Emily’s spell book, the process of procuring it, he knew, would undoubtedly prove to be a pain. Now it was just past dusk and Damon found himself on a familiar street, making his way to a darkened corner with the last rays of the day sinking below the roofs of the houses. He could see a few lights on in her house, including the porch light. It didn’t throw enough light into the corner he had adopted, so he felt secure in his journey there, no one would see him. Elena’s aunt’s car was gone, but hers was in the drive. He couldn’t tell if Jeremy was around.
    The sun was gone as he reached the steps of the wooden porch, his eyes scanning the windows for a glimpse of the brown haired girl he both avoided and yearned to see. He turned to the right toward the wicker chair he liked, when he heard her voice. “It took me all day to figure it out. Where you could have possibly gone last night that Stefan couldn’t find you, but where you would have been close. It was right here, wasn’t it?”
    Damon’s eyes adjusted in the dark to see her sitting with her feet pulled up under her in the chair. One arm draped casually over the armrest, the other atop her bent knees. She looked at him seriously, and then cocked her head at him. He took a step back at that, it was all too similar to the method he liked to employ upon her, and in response Elena rose. “Well?”
    Her prompt reminded Damon he had yet to respond to her query. “I happen to find that chair very comfortable.”
    She smirked at him, once again unnerving him, another involuntary step back. She took that as an invitation to advance on him, walking to move him against the railing. “Is that so? Is there any chance that the fact that it is directly under my bedroom window is just a coincidence?”
    Damon felt himself returning, he was not going to allow Elena to dictate this conversation. “Is it under your window? I had no idea. What exactly are you implying Elena?”
    “That you sat here all night until you knew I was asleep before you came into my room. Don’t pretend that you weren’t there Damon, I saw you as you left. You turned off my light and climbed out the window.”
    He noted that she left out the part where he had brushed her cheek with his hand. He leaned casually against the rail, arms crossed over his chest, watching her as she tried in vain to not get worked up. She had obviously had a while to think about this, he found it rather amusing. “How sure of that are you?”
    That was enough, she huffed a little, her cheeks becoming reddish, and the porch light reflecting in her widening eyes. “What were you doing in my room Damon? Why were you sitting on my porch? Why wouldn’t you talk to me this morning?”
    She was very close to him now, having taken a few steps with each question toward him. He looked her, turned and moved toward the front door of the house. She made a noise of protest in the back of her throat, which he silenced as he opened the door and said, “I’d rather we sat somewhere more comfortable then the porch to have this conversation. Besides, Elena, it‘s not safe after dark. There could be monsters around.”
    He smiled at her in a joking manner. She slouched her shoulders a little, relaxing a bit, but eyed him warily as she passed him into the house. “You’re the only monster I’m worried about,” she added lightly.
    As he followed her in and closed the door, he said, “I’m glad you’re finally beginning to understand me a little more Elena.”
    She rounded on him as he spoke, but he simply removed his jacket. “I understand more then that Damon.”
    Her face reflected surprise when he nodded in agreement. “It would appear that you do Elena.”
    They walked through to the living room, Damon resolved and Elena trailing nervously behind him. He chose the chair he had occupied on his very first visit, Elena took the couch, her body mimicking her nerves, as she once again drew her feet up under her. Damon watched her settle in, then saw her eyes raise to his.

    Elena had been waiting all day for Damon to show up, she somehow just knew that he would. And now that he was mere feet from her, willing to have a conversation with her, she couldn’t have been more nervous. She knew she walked a very thin line when it came to talking to him. She never could tell when her words would be enough to push him over the edge; or now that she knew the truth about Katherine, if perhaps, it was her very resemblance to his lost love that would become too much for him. Yet, here he sat, open and relaxed, and waiting for her to speak. She took a steadying breath. “Damon, are you going to be honest with me?”
    “Yes Elena,” he stated simply. His blue eyes held hers, the enormity of the situation was not completely lost on either of them. He leaned forward a little before he spoke. “You said yourself, I will always tell you the truth. But you also realized that I will do so at my discretion. If it is unimportant for you to know, then do not get angry if I won’t say anything. I have to do something to protect my mystique.”
    His exhale was almost a laugh. She already knew the biggest part of what made him mysterious to the outside world, and a part of her appreciated that he wasn’t as willing as Stefan to put all of himself out there at one time. Damon, she knew, would always be intriguing. She gave a half smile to him in understanding of his stipulations for what promised to be an interesting discussion. She opened her mouth to speak and faltered. She wasn’t sure where to begin.
    “I’m not sure why I like that particular corner of your porch,” he began, saving Elena from her awkwardness. She closed her mouth and listened to his smooth voice. “It was never a place I frequented before Halloween. But that night changed a lot of things. It was where you asked me to fix your brother. Where you showed me enough trust to help your family, help you. After that, I came back at first, to see if my compulsion worked. Once I saw that it did, I came back for another reason. I’m not someone people willingly trust, even my own brother lacks in that area. But, for at least ten minutes that night, you did. It was something that grounded me, and I come back now to feel that.”
    Elena could hardly believe Damon’s words. He was being so open, he was almost vulnerable across the room from her. She wasn’t sure if she would be able to articulate a response to him. She wasn’t sure if she knew what his words were doing to her, what they were causing to stir within her. She did know that these words, and whatever else was to come from Damon’s mouth tonight, was the biggest extension of trust he had ever shown her. She wasn’t going to mess it up. “My room, Damon. Why were you in my room?”
    He shifted uncomfortably at her new question. “I don’t know why I was in your room.”
    His abrupt answer cause Elena to shift to the end of the couch closest to him. She practically whispered her next question, afraid of what his answer would be. “It wasn’t the first time, was it?”
    His eyes flashed to her. She took in a sharp breath. She was pushing her luck, but she hoped he would answer. She exhaled when she saw his lips part. “What did you want to talk to me about this morning?”
    Elena tried to hide her disappointment and anger. But she knew that if she pressed, that Damon would leave, and she would never have an opportunity to say what she really wanted to. “I wanted to tell you that I understand…about Katherine,” she watched his face closely. He remained neutral, choosing to watch her face back. “When I left your house this morning, I called Bonnie. I was able to convince her to help me…with helping you get her back.”
Title: And Everything, It Will Surely Change
Author: evies_gravity 
Rating: T (previously known as PG13)
Category: Romance, General
Summary: Nothing can stay the same forever, right? Elena deals with the opportunities for change in her life.
Spoilers: Up to episode 1x14 "Fool Me Once" (I'll steal what I need, when I need it. Otherwise disregard)
Warnings: none for now, will keep updated with new chapters
Show/Bookverse: Show only. I don't own the books, and have no desire to read them  

   Elena was showered, dressed and sitting on her bed when the sun finally started to rise. She hadn’t gone back to sleep. Damon was in my room. Damon was in my room.  The thought kept going around and around in her mind. She had seen him, and she knew that she wasn’t imagining things-it had been Damon that had left through the window. It had been Damon that had looked back at her in the dark. It had been Damon that had turned the light back off. And it had been Damon that had so softly stroked her cheek before doing any of that. Elena had struggled the rest of the waning night attempting to sort through her feelings about the situation. She should be furious; she should be on the phone to Stefan asking him to kick the presumptuous, obnoxious, temperamental ass of that man. But she hadn’t reached furious-she was just past mildly irritated, this was true-but she couldn’t muster the energy to be angry with Damon. More than anything, Elena was confused.
    After he had gone, Elena had quietly approached the window (which he had remembered to close), but he was no where in sight. She made her way back to her bed and noticed her diary still laying out, undisturbed. She knew instantly that Damon had read it. And again, Elena attempted to reach furious…but she hadn’t even reached mildly irritated that time. Under normal circumstances, his actions would be considered a serious infraction against her trust. But she couldn’t blame him, for two reasons: one, she had left it out-it was her fault. Two, she wasn’t sure the extent of trust she had put in Damon, and therefore could not ascertain if he had broken it. Again, Elena was confused.
    As the first rays of light broke across her lap, Elena was calling Stefan and grabbing her purse. She had hit the stairs when he answered, surprised to be hearing from her so soon, but happy that she was coming over. “Did Damon come home last night?”
    “Yes. Maybe a couple of hours ago I heard him come in. But I didn’t speak to him. As far as I can tell, he hasn’t left his room since then.”
    “Oh, ok. Just thought I’d ask. Well I’m in the car now, I’ll be there soon.” Elena started the engine and began the drive toward the Salvatore boarding house following the “okay, bye” from Stefan.
    She arrived about 15 minutes later, and Stefan was waiting for her outside. He gave her a hug, and Elena melted into it. She hated fighting with him, and she realized now that her reaction was premature, and over dramatic. But she pulled away faster then he probably would have liked, opting to look at him and say, “we have a lot to talk about.”
    Stefan nodded his head, and Elena made toward the door, Stefan’s hand in hers. They proceeded up the stairs to the second floor. As they passed Damon’s door on the way to Stefan’s room, Elena couldn’t help but look at it and wonder what he was doing, and if she should make that her next stop once she had finished talking to Stefan.
    They entered Stefan’s spacious quarters, and Elena marveled that it hadn’t been more than two days since she was in there last, and a lot had happened. She moved to the couch against the wall and Stefan followed. She sat, and again he mirrored her actions. She waited for him to start. He took a deep breath and looked up at her from brooding eyes. “I’m sorry that I never told you. I should have.”
    “What am I to you? Who am I to you?” Elena felt her stomach clench with fear. Though she knew that Stefan never loved Katherine with his own free will, there was an undeniable connection between them, and Elena was terrified of what that translated to.
    “You are not Katherine,” his voice was slightly emphatic. “You are the opposite of everything that she was.”
    “When did you figure that out? Before you kissed me? Before we slept together?” Elena’s voice rose as did her body. She was standing, and she was upset and scared. She stared imploringly at Stefan. His eyes were to the ground, trepidation marking his features. Elena waited.
    “Before I met you.” His eyes rose to meet hers.
    “What?” Elena blinked.
    “The first day of school, when we met, it wasn’t for the first time Elena,” his eyes held steadily to hers.
    She felt unbalanced by the new information, but plunged ahead, desperate for the answers he was cautiously giving. “Then when was it?”
    “May 23, 2009.” His response was automatic.
    “But that was-” Elena began to feel the as if the ground was slowly falling away.
    He nodded imperceptibly. “That was the day your parents’ car went off the bridge.”
    “You were there?” she could feel her panic level rising. She hadn’t expected this. She could tell her breathing was becoming short, but Stefan remained on the couch, steeled to continue his story.
    “Every couple of years I come back here. To see Zach and to see my home. Last spring, I was out in the woods by old Wickery Bridge, and I heard the accident…”
    Elena’s eyes were watering, but they were glued to Stefan.
    “…I was fast getting there, but not fast enough. The car was already submerged. Your Dad…he was still conscious, I was able to get to him…”
    The floor was falling, so fast. Her eyes were cloudy from the tears, and she wanted every word from Stefan’s lips to be a lie. The pain she had kept hidden, the guilt she had perfected at keeping at bay, it was tumbling back on her, tempting to break her again.
    “…But he wouldn’t let me help him; until I helped you.”
    Elena could feel herself crumble. She gracelessly sat on the sofa, out of Stefan’s reach, gasping “Oh my God”. The tears finally breaking their barriers and marring her face.
    “When I woke up in the hospital nobody could figure out how I got out of the car. They said it was a miracle.” She dared to look at Stefan, his eyes looked glassy, sad, and regretful.
    “I went back for them, but it was too late. I couldn’t- I couldn’t save them,” she heard the small break in his voice. “When I pulled you out, I looked at your face and you looked like Katherine. I couldn’t believe the resemblance. After that I spent months making sure you weren’t her. I watched you, I learned everything I could about you. And I saw that you were nothing like Katherine. I wanted to leave town, but I-Elena, I couldn’t leave without knowing you.  And your resemblance was confusing. You are a Gilbert and she was a Pierce, so I did some digging. I’m so sorry that I didn’t tell you.”
    She had stilled her crying, focusing instead on the words Stefan was saying. She felt grateful. He had saved her life, and attempted to save her parents too, and for that she loved him. But she also felt bitter and betrayed by his decision to keep so much secret. She was unsure how she would begin to get over it.
    “Elena, please say something.” He moved closer to her.
    She stayed where she was, stoney while she thought. “You lied to me. You promised me that you wouldn’t lie anymore.”
    “Elena, I-”
    She cut him off with a raise of her hand. She turned to look at him. “Stefan, I understand why you did, but that doesn’t make it any easier to forget. I don’t know how we move on from this. Maybe we don’t; and that’s not to say that I don’t love you, or that I don’t want to be with you. Maybe that just means that this is something that has happened, it becomes one more facet to this relationship. I won’t hold it against you, I’m not one to bare grudges. But…I had to learn all of this from Damon, and in some ways I trust him to tell me the truth now more then you.”
    Stefan looked slightly stunned, and Elena felt the same way at her words. She was damning her relationship to ruin faster then she thought possible, but she couldn’t go back. There was only so much that she could carry. She could only hope that Stefan was willing to do what she was asking. She waited for his response, and when it came it was a simple nod. Then he rose from the couch, walked to the table and returned with her locket. He held it out to her, and she carefully took it in her hands. She clasped it around her neck once again as Stefan pulled her to her feet. He hugged her, and she held him in return, thinking of a conversation she was desperate to have with the older brother of the boy in her arms.
    In a room down the hall, Damon sat at his desk. He supposed it was wrong to listen to their conversation, but Damon never was one to do what was right. Elena had forgiven his brother, but she had also chinked the armor of what had been an unbreakable relationship. She was beginning to trust him. It scared him.
Title: And Everything, It Will Surely Change
Author: evies_gravity 
Rating: T (previously known as PG13)
Category: Romance, General
Summary: Nothing can stay the same forever, right? Elena deals with the opportunities for change in her life.
Spoilers: Up to episode 1x14 "Fool Me Once" (I'll steal what I need, when I need it. Otherwise disregard)
Warnings: none for now, will keep updated with new chapters
Show/Bookverse: Show only. I don't own the books, and have no desire to read them  

   Elena couldn’t sleep. She was sitting in bed finishing the entry in her diary and trying to will sleep to overtake her, but instead she kept glancing at her phone, which lay directly beside her. It had been hours, and she hadn’t heard from Stefan, and her worry for Damon hadn’t lessened either. She knew she had upset him the minute the words had left her mouth. She was just concerned for her friends and remaining family-she couldn’t have anything happen to them. It had nothing to do with Katherine. She understood Damon’s position: he loved Katherine, had waited for her, and was willing to do anything to get her back now that there was a chance.  Elena hadn’t meant to hurt him, he was quite capable of doing that to himself, or have Stefan do it for him.
    Elena sat straighter in bed, moving the diary to the side, her mind spinning. She didn’t understand the brothers, they always seemed so determine to make the other hurt for past mistakes; there was no forgiving between them, and since they were immortal, certainly no forgetting. Elena couldn’t begin to think of what immortality would mean if you had to share it with someone that you were so intrinsically tied to. It would have to be someone that understood you completely, and someone that you took joy in being with, had fun with, and yet someone that could drive you crazy. For the first time since she had learned what the Salvatores were, Elena found herself wondering what immortality would be like; and what it would be like with them.
    She didn’t think much further on it, her phone began to ring. She picked it up and spoke, “Stefan?”
    “Elena, I’ve looked everywhere for him, I don’t know where he could be. Are you okay?”
    “Yes of course, I’m fine,” Elena said. “There hasn’t been any sign of him? Did he leave town?”
    “I’m back at the house and the cars are still here. If he left, he left on foot. I’m going to stay here and see if he’ll show back up. It’ll be dawn in a few hours, and not that it makes a difference, but Damon tends to stick to the house during the day. Are you still coming over in the morning?”
    “Alright. Yes, I’ll call you to let you know when I’ll be over.”
    “Goodnight Elena.”
    “Goodnight Stefan.” Elena hung up the phone and placed it on her night stand. She slouched down further in bed, once again willing herself to sleep. She turned off the bedside lamp and closed her eyes. Her forgotten diary lay open next to her.

    Damon sat in the chair in his favorite shadowy corner of Elena’s porch. It was were he had sat since he had left her room a few hours earlier. He was lucky that Jeremy or Elena’s aunt hadn’t been home throughout the evening. But as the night got darker and the porch light remained off, it would have been difficult for anyone to realize that he was sitting there. He had heard all of Elena’s phone conversations with his brother, had noticed the dim glow of the lamp disappear a moment ago. He was now just waiting for the low, even sounds of Elena’s breathing to show that she was asleep.
    It took a while longer, but they came, and that’s when Damon rose from his seat. It was night, and despite his earlier burst of anger, he still felt the need to be in Elena’s room. To watch her while she slept, a ritual that needed completing. So he made his way to her room, entering quietly through the unlocked window which had been closed. He turned on her bedside lamp, not needing the light, but appreciating it’s glow. She stirred only slightly, but did not wake, and Damon moved to “his” side of the bed. As he rounded the corner, he noticed a book laid open, crisp penmenship adorning the page. He knew that this was Elena’s diary. She wrote in it every night, but it was never in the open on his previous nightly visits. Temptation swelled within him, and Damon picked it up gently. With a last glance at Elena, her turned his eyes to the page and read:
    I’m not sorry that I said it-ever since Mom and Dad died, I’ve lived every day afraid that someone else will be taken from me. And now with Stefan and Damon around, that fear is, at times, overwhelming. I’m not even afraid for myself really, despite being at the middle of a strange triangle. Just because I may or may not have a vampire as a past (present?) relative that both Stefan and Damon loved, and with whom I look EXACTLY the same as…
    I admit I am bothered by the fact that they both loved Katherine. Is that why Stefan is with me? Is that why Damon hates me? Because I look like her? But Damon said Stefan was compelled, and he wasn’t…
    For the first time in a long time, Damon scared me tonight. The look on his face the moment I finished speaking-I don’t think I’ll ever get it out of my head. He looked like he could kill, but he also just looked so broken. He has missed Katherine. Missing someone you love is something I can relate to…I understand that part of Damon. There’s not much else about him I get; but sorrow, and guilt (survivor’s guilt) are things not easily lost over time, and Damon carries them like a weapon. I hope I don’t ultimately wield mine the same way. He masks it as anger, but it’s not. It’s deeper-it’s hurt. Pain. I added to that tonight…

    Damon stopped reading. There was a little more on the exposed page, but he had read enough. He placed the diary on the other bedside table, and sat on the bed next to Elena’s sleeping form. She understood him, he thought. She understood a part of him that even his own brother would never understand. Stefan always believed that Damon was angry (which he was), but he never took the time to see past that. But Elena, Damon looked at her-she did, and Damon felt vulnerable for the first time in over a century. 
    He stood abruptly them, replacing the diary on the bed where it had been and moving to face Elena. He softly stroked her cheek, turned off the lamp, looked once more at the brunette and left through the window, closing it as he did.

    Elena blinked slowly. She had felt the hand on her cheek, heard the click of the lamp being shut off, and saw Damon turn around to her before leaving through her window.
Title: And Everything, It Will Surely Change
Author: evies_gravity 
Rating: T (previously known as PG13)
Category: Romance, General
Summary: Nothing can stay the same forever, right? Elena deals with the opportunities for change in her life.
Spoilers: Up to episode 1x14 "Fool Me Once" (I'll steal what I need, when I need it. Otherwise disregard)
Warnings: none for now, will keep updated with new chapters
Show/Bookverse: Show only. I don't own the books, and have no desire to read them  

   Elena was surprised at how easy it was to digest this information. She was certain it had something to do with the fact that it was Damon who was telling it to her. She knew that if Stefan was sitting next to her on the bed, she would be beyond upset-full of denial and anger. But with Damon, she didn’t question his words. “How is that possible?”
    Next to her Damon shifted. His body turned ever more slightly toward her, and she thought, closer. “I don’t know that part. As far as you go…your birth certificate says that your parents are your parents, but there is no record of your mother giving birth in the hospital. You seem to be quite much more of a mystery than I gave you credit for.”
    Elena watched Damon’s eyes, they seemed hold a softness, maybe humor, but then she blinked and it was gone. “How do you know all of this?”
    “Dear baby brother and I had a conversation this morning about you. I was just bothering him about bunnies and geometry, when suddenly he wanted to know if you were okay or if I had seen you. Apparently you made quite the exit from the house last night. Tut tut tut.” Damon wagged his finger at Elena, and she couldn’t help herself, she smiled. Then she remembered that Damon had put together the reason for her sudden haste last night, and even what had happened before it. She blushed and waited for Damon to continue.
    “I explained that I may have seen his shirt make a very angry entrance to this house, but that I had only dropped by to say there was company in town. Then one topic led to another, and next thing you know-the Katherine-Elena connection.”
    Elena subconsciously shifted closer to Damon, their knees practically touching now. “I still don’t understand how she and I could be related.”
    “You can ask her that yourself. I’m going to open that tomb and get her back. It’s why I’m in Mystic Falls.”
    Elena stood quickly. “But Damon, the crystal’s gone. You can’t open the tomb. And there are other vampires down there. You can’t just let them loose on the town!”
    Damon’s body invaded Elena’s space. His brow was set, the blue eyes below blazed furiously. The air of casual conversation that had encompassed the room was gone; in it’s place a precarious sense of danger lingered. “Don’t presume to tell me what to do Elena. I have answered your questions. I’ve even revealed my revised evil master plan to you. Unlike my brother, I was not compelled to love Katherine-and I have spent lifetimes waiting to bring her back to me. And you will not stand in my way.”
    Then, Damon was gone. Elena stood in her darkening room alone. Elena knew that she wasn’t going to be able to piece together the information she had gathered alone, so she called the one person she had been avoiding all day. Even the 6 voicemails, and dozen unanswered phone calls hadn’t been enough to make Elena call Stefan. But his brother’s sudden departure sprung her into action. Aside from the life changing conversation she had just had, she was worried about Damon. And if there was one thing Stefan was good at, it was worrying about Damon-she needed someone with that common ground. Elena walked to her desk and picked up her phone, punching the 4 and send, speed dialing the younger Salvatore. He answered after the first ring: “Elena? I’m so glad you called. I am so sorry. I understand if you’re angry or-”
    “Stefan,” she cut him off. “I understand everything now. Or at least some of it. But Katherine and your past is not why I’m calling. It’s Damon-”
    “Damon? What has he done?” Stefan’s relaxed tone from earlier shifted to concern edging to anger.
    “Nothing. Or at least not yet.” Elena eased. “He was here. We were talking, and I think I said something to anger him. He left so quickly.”
    “I’ll ask why he was there later,” Stefan warned gently, choosing to focus on the more prominent problem. “What exactly were you talking about before he left?”
    “He explained to me about being adopted. Then he said all my questions could be answered as soon as he got Katherine out of the tomb. He’s going to try again, Stefan. I tried telling him it wasn’t possible. The crystal’s gone, and I know Bonnie doesn’t want anything else to do with it. He got angry at me, then left.” Elena breathed. “You don’t think he’d go do something stupid just because he’s angry with me? Do you?”
    On the other side of the line Stefan paced his room. One ear perked to the sounds of the house, searching for Damon. The other was engrossed in Elena’s story and the evident concern laced in her voice. It unnerved him a little. “No. Damon’s hot tempered, but not completely irrational. He’ll turn up, especially once I go look for him. He hates that.”
    “Okay. Do you need my help?”
    Stefan fretted. “No. You shouldn’t go out tonight. We haven’t figured out who else is in town. Stay inside and don’t invite anyone in. Keep your phone with you, I’ll call you later. Elena, there’s some vervain in the drawer in the foyer desk. I hid some there the last time I was over. It’s in a vial. Please, put it in a glass of water and drink it. You don’t have your necklace.”
    He knew she was reaching for the locket he held in his hands. She would find only her bare neck, and Stefan hated himself anew for ever keeping that secret from her. “Okay, I will. Please be careful. I really pushed a button this time, Stefan.”
    “I will be. I’ll call you later. Elena,” Stefan sighed. “I’m so sorry. I really want to talk to you about all of this. Explain myself. Do you think we can meet up in the morning?”
    There was a slight pause on the other end of the phone. Stefan waited, rubbing the locket with his fingers. “Stefan…I,” Elena paused again. “Yes. I’ll be over in the morning. I still have some questions I want answers to.”
    “Be careful.” Then Elena hung up. Stefan put his phone in his pocket and walked to the wardrobe. He pulled out his jacket and left his room. Damon could be anywhere, but Stefan decided to start with the church, he thought that’s where he would go.
Title: And Everything, It Will Surely Change
Author: evies_gravity 
Rating: T (previously known as PG13)
Category: Romance, General
Summary: Nothing can stay the same forever, right? Elena deals with the opportunities for change in her life.
Spoilers: Up to episode 1x11 "Bloodlines" (I'll steal what I need, when I need it. Otherwise disregard)
Warnings: none for now, will keep updated with new chapters
Show/Bookverse: Show only. I don't own the books, and have no desire to read them

Elena sat in history class, listening to Mr. Saltzman discuss the Reconstruction era amendments. She heard every word, but Elena didn’t understand what the new teacher was attempting to impart to his students. Elena was thinking about Stefan, their night together, his lie. She sighed discontentedly at the clock with its slow-moving hands, each laborious second trapping Elena into her thoughts. It was torturous. Stefan. Sleeping with the man she loved. A heartbreaking lie. Why did she look like Katherine? Was she just a replacement for Stefan? Damon. Elena felt her eyes focus tightly as the dark haired, cynical vampire entered her mind. He had been waiting for her last night.
    Mr. Saltzman assigned a reading, Elena opened her book to the correct page, dropping her head to shield her from the eyes of her teacher. She had no intention of reading the four pages, she now had a new thought to consume her time. It was less depressing then the events with Stefan, but possibly more confusing. Damon had been waiting for her, and the conversation had been a shining example of their dysfunctional ability to trade information. But she knew that Logan was gone, and in his place there was a new vampire in town.
    Elena reached to grasp her necklace, and felt only her bare neck. She sat straight in her chair, a mild panic setting in. She had been so angry last night that she left her necklace in Stefan’s room, next to the picture of Katherine. She had done it to prove to Stefan that she was tired of his world. Now she regretted that decision. She was still fed up with the secrets that surrounded the Salvatore family, but Elena liked the sense of security the antique provided.
    The bell rang. Elena shut her book tightly, dashing out of the room to the open expanse of the front lawn of the school. Since quitting the cheerleading squad, Elena’s day ended when history class was over. She made quick time in crossing toward the parking lot, vaguely aware of the set of black wings that beat above her. She found the crow sitting atop her SUV.
    She glared directly into the bird’s black eyes. “Tell Damon that I want to talk to him. My house, this afternoon,” she spoke coolly. The crow took off and Elena got in her SUV and drove toward her home, nervous at the prospect of welcoming Damon’s company.

    Damon sat in the expansive parlor of the Salvatore boarding house. He had gotten Elena’s message, and admitted that he was mildly intrigued and impressed that she knew how to communicate it to him. Of course, it wouldn’t take a genius to figure it out, he smirked. He stood from the chair and walked to the hall, glancing up the stairs to where he knew Stefan was. Damon walked to the door and grabbed the black leather jacket hanging on the silent butler next to it. He grasped it in one hand while opening the door with the other. He had no need to slam it to communicate to Stefan that he was leaving, he knew his brother could hear him. He only wondered it Stefan’s curiosity would lead him to follow Damon to Elena’s house. Wouldn’t that make for an interesting afternoon, he thought jovially.
    Damon didn’t bother with his car, the walk didn’t take long-at least for him. His strides were purposeful and swift, carrying him to Elena’s front yard. He saw her car parked in the driveway, and listened to see if anyone else was home, it appeared not. He walked up the porch steps to the front door, fully intending to walk in, but the door opened as he reached it. Elena stood in the door frame, brown hair up in a haphazard style and clad in the jeans and t-shirt she had worn to school. It was the exposed expanse of her bare neck that had Damon’s attention, so much so that he didn’t hear her when she said “come in”. He just followed her form as it took steps back from the door. Damon registered that she was careful not to turn her back to him, which at the time he considered to not be the worst of choices. He was in control, but he couldn’t deny that this was the sexiest Elena had ever looked to him, and he knew it was because the canvas of her neck was open to him. He shook his head and finally made eye contact with her.
    “I wasn’t sure you would come,” she began, moving sideways toward the stairs. “Would you like anything to drink?”
    “Do you seriously want me to answer that question?” Damon countered, and laughed at the look that crossed Elena’s face. She had only asked to be polite, but those words took on multiple meanings in such mixed company. “Relax. I already ate.”
    Elena’s face before had been funny, but Damon was ecstatic by her reaction to his comment. It looked like there were multiple emotions fighting to break through the surface, but disgust and anger were closest to winning. Damon watched as Elena opened her mouth to speak, anger finally flashing across her eyes. “I really ho-”
    “Elena. Why did you want to see me?” Damon broke her rant off. He was in no mood to listen, focused instead on settling his curiosity of what he was doing there.
    She motioned for him to go up the stairs, and Damon was careful to stop at the top of the landing. As far as she knew, he had never been to her room, and he wasn’t going to give away that secret. She stopped next to him and pointed at her bedroom. “Go ahead,” she said, and walked behind him into the room and shut the door. She watched as he acted to be interested in her pictures or items on the shelves. Damon had memorized her parents faces in the frames, and knew that the heart box sat next to a dried flower on the shelf next to the dresser. He walked near the neatly made bed and laid down, only to look back at her and see the same annoyed expression she normally wore while in his company. It made him smile, eyes dancing a little.
    “Get off my bed Damon,” she hissed at him.
    “Where do you expect me to sit?” he questioned. He was met with a steely gaze and crossed arms, and begrudgingly sat up. It seemed to appease her a little, and she unfolded her arms, moving to her desk chair.
    “Did you know?” she asked.
    Damon sighed. “Yes, I knew that you and Katherine shared an uncanny resemblance. Kind of eerie actually.”
    Elena nodded. Damon was waiting for the yelling to begin. If she was half as angry at him about not telling her as he knew she was at Stefan, it would turn into a very long afternoon. He was going to seriously mame Stefan for this mess. But the yelling didn’t come, only a soft, quiet voice, “Why do I look like her? Why didn’t you tell me?”
    Damon blinked and cocked his head to the side, examining Elena. She was sad and hurt-very, very hurt-he could see. But she showed no signs of anger, so Damon felt safe to answer her question without fear of a stake to the heart. “I told you that you reminded me of her; but it was never my place to tell you the truth Elena. Would you have believed me if I had?”
    Elena looked directly at Damon. “No,” she said. “I wouldn’t have believed you. Half the time I don’t know what to believe when it comes to my life, and since I don’t trust you completely, I would have thought you were lying to me. But why do I look exactly like her? That picture…it‘s not possible that I could be related to her, is it? Of course not, it's crazy!”
    At her question, Damon rose swiftly from the bed, and cursed himself for doing so. Elena picked up on his evasive movement, standing as well and cautiously moving toward him. “Damon. It isn’t possible, right?”
    Damon turned back to her, seeing the fear in her eyes-but the fear was no longer directed to him and their closing proximity. Elena was scared of the truth, and Damon knew she had every right to be. “Are you sure you don’t want to have this conversation with Stefan?”
    “Stefan lied to me. I can‘t talk to him right now.”
    “Technically, so did I,” Damon returned. He hoped it would work. The truth was going to crush the girl that he knew rested in such a delicate balance behind her jaded shell. He saw her move to the window and close it, the sun beginning to sink in the sky. She turned around and sat on the bed, on her side, he observed. He moved to the opposite, mirroring her movements.
    “You never lie to me Damon. You might select the truths you reveal, but you never keep them from me for long,” Elena said. “I know now that if I want the truth, you’ll give it to me if I ask. If only so that you can inflict some pain, or inspire my anger.”
    Damon found himself grimace at her last comment. It was true, he always liked seeing humans suffer, but ever since Halloween, he found he liked seeing it less and less on Elena. He sat straightly on her bed, facing the opposite wall, contemplating the best way to say the information he had learned in his early morning conversation with Stefan. He decided to be direct as possible, and turned his blue eyes to match Elena‘s worried brown. “It would appear Elena Gilbert, that you are adopted. Katherine Pierce may, in fact, be your relation.”
Title: And Everything, It Will Surely Change
Author: evies_gravity 
Rating: T (previously known as PG13)
Category: Romance, General
Summary: Nothing can stay the same forever, right? Elena deals with the opportunities for change in her life.
Spoilers: Up to episode 1x10 "The Turning Point"
Warnings: none for now, will keep updated with new chapters
Show/Bookverse: Show only. I don't own the books, and have no desire to read them

Damon stood over Elena, watching her as she slept-the way he had on countless other occasions. Her dark hair was fanned behind her on the crisp white pillowcase, the down comforter was pulled snuggly under her chin, so Damon only saw her face. It was tenuously peaceful, and Damon contemplated what she possibly was dreaming of that might cause it to rest in such a precarious manner. But further, he wondered what might cause it to tip, to break.
    He hadn’t been able to figure out why he came to her room on so many nights. At first, it was because of the resemblance to Katherine. Damon couldn’t believe that this girl looked so like the woman who had destroyed and saved his life all those years ago. A woman that haunted him-Katherine: he was made of her, she was the only thing that Damon had felt run through his veins after he had died…until he had seen Elena. He had been certain that if his heart had been capable of beating, it would have stopped the moment he had seen her. So he came that first night to stare at her, study her, find the minute differences that existed between the two beauties.
    After that, Damon knew he should have stopped coming to her room at night. It bordered on Cullen-esque, which up until he had read that awful book of Caroline’s, he hadn’t known about. But when he considered his behavior, it deeply disturbed him that he should have anything in common with such a demented character. Damon had his standards to uphold. Even his pathetic, Romeo-envying brother didn’t come and watch Elena. He knew because Damon had been to Elena’s house almost every night since the first and never had he smelled Stefan close.
    Damon didn’t pretend to believe that he came to protect her. She wasn’t that important to him, and protection was Stefan’s modus operandi-not his. And while he didn’t want to intentionally see his brother hurt by the possibility of harm coming to her, he didn’t watch Elena for Stefan’s benefit either. He didn’t know why. Maybe that was why-Damon was irritated by not knowing himself; so he came to figure it out every night. And every morning, just before the sun rose, he left the clean, simplistic refuge no closer to an answer.
    It was this thought he had settled on when he stepped back from the side of Elena’s bed to move to the unoccupied side. He sat upon it, gently running his hands along the comforter and briefly wondered how sleeping on it would feel. But he didn’t sleep. The bed in his room was ultimately used as an oversized couch, or a place to leave his newest ruined shirt. He grimaced at the idea of the one he had added to the pile earlier-he had really liked it.
     As Elena softly breathed, she shifted a fraction, which sent Damon swiftly on his feet and moving his sharp eyes in every direction. But Elena slept on and Damon acquiesced that the night had been taxing for her. Damon smirked at the thought of what he knew occurred between tormented Stefan, and the brunette before him earlier that night. At least Stefan could do something he was proud of.
    Damon looked to Elena’s eyes. They remained closed, but her brow was furrowed. Damon knew she was dreaming-and whatever she was dreaming about, it was making her incredibly angry. Plus, she had never spoken in her sleep, and Damon found this to be an interesting twist to his nightly routine. He moved to her desk chair, pulling it close to the bed so he could watch and listen.
    “Liar,” Elena repeated, moving to lay flat on her back. “How…Stefan….”
    Damon scuffed at the mention of his brother, his last thought floating through his mind. Never mind, he thought. Screwed up again. It almost caused him to laugh. His attention returned to Elena as more words became clear.
    “Never told me…why…she and I…same,” Elena tossed and turned, and Damon tried to piece together the words into a coherent stream of consciousness. “Katherine.”
    Damon’s eyes darkened. He understood. He returned Elena’s chair to the desk and walked to the edge of the bed. As he had done since the first night, he softly brushed Elena’s cheek. Surprisingly, she quieted, sighing as calm reclaimed her features. Damon moved to the window. It was time to go home and talk to dear, baby brother.
Title: And Everything, It Will Surely Change
Author: evies_gravity 
Rating: T (previously known as PG13)
Category: Romance, General
Summary: Nothing can stay the same forever, right? Elena deals with the opportunities for change in her life.
Spoilers: Up to episode 1x10 "The Turning Point"
Warnings: none for now, will keep updated with new chapters
Show/Bookverse: Show only. I don't own the books, and have no desire to read them

    Twisted metal. Broken glass. Elena was upside down looking at the road before her in a completely new way. The figure she struck lay crippled on the ground. Then it began to move…not just move, she realized, it was putting itself back together. Righting its shattered legs, hips, spine-and it was standing up. Elena’s hands increased their pressure on the roof and she blinked.
    Then suddenly the road came back into focus, and Elena was driving. Quickly. She gripped her steering wheel and pushed forcefully on her brakes. The black SUV reflexively stopped in the middle of the road. Elena rested her head on the steering wheel, breathing slowly and setting the parking break with her left foot. The terrible accident hadn’t happened, she had only seen it flash in her mind. She was sitting on the road, intact. Elena raised her head to inspect her surroundings: there was no one else in sight, the soft covering of fog was not enough to mask the existence of someone; and there were no headlights coming toward her or in the mirrors. Elena began to cry. Huge, body shaking sobs that robbed her of the air in her lungs. She couldn’t stop, and the harder she tried, the worse it became.
    With considerable effort she reached for her phone, that currently was buried in her bag on the seat next to her. She finally found it under the shirt and pants that she had thrown in there when she had rushed to her car 10 minutes earlier. The truth in the presence of those clothes had a truly converse effect on her. The sobbing stopped. With the phone now in Elena’s right hand, she used the other to wipe the combination of tears and snot from her face. The desolating sadness that had been just previously racking her small frame, was replaced with an anger unmatched by anything Elena had ever felt in her life.
    Elena tossed the phone back into her bag-she didn’t need Bonnie to come and pick her up. Her mind was clear enough to drive again, and Elena had an overwhelming urge to return as quickly as possible to her house. The night had been exhausting in countless ways she realized, and the idea of her bed was becoming more and more comforting. Using her anger to keep her awake and alert-she wanted no repeats of visions of accidents like she had just had-Elena completed the 10 minute drive in 5, sighing with relief, as she pulled up to the house, that Aunt Jenna wasn’t waiting up for her.
    Once again setting the car in park and killing the engine, Elena got out of the SUV, slinging her bag over her shoulder and walked up to the porch. As she mounted the top stair, Elena’s senses tingled-the way they did when she knew that she was being watched, hunted. The way they did when she was around Damon, as she had come to realize recently. Elena considered ignoring her sixth sense and attempting to make into the house before Damon could make himself known; but she also considered that she probably wouldn’t make it to the door before he stopped her-or worse, she would, and Damon would find some other way to get to her. So she stopped her ascent and waited.
    “You never struck me as the type of girl to wear plaid, seems a little drab for you,” his careless baritone carried out of the dark. “Then again, it does do fabulous things for your legs.”
    “What do you want Damon?” Elena asked, ignoring his attempt at humor, focusing instead on the dark corner of the porch his voice came from.
    Damon stepped into the dim circle from the porch light, eyes roaming shamelessly on Elena’s peculiarly dressed form, and resting on her face. He took into account the faded tear tracks, the tousled hair, the plaid shirt that reeked of his brother, and the fire that dimly danced behind her eyes. He filed that away for later. “Logan is dead. Thought you should know,” he said, taking a step closer to her.
    Elena took a step diagonally away from him, and toward the front door at the same time. She wasn’t shocked by his news, she had figured Damon would dispose of Logan sooner rather then later. “Well thanks for the update. I didn’t expect you to get rid of him so quickly, but I suppose it’s all for the better.”
    Damon took hold of her arm. Elena gasped in surprise, but not at the speed or strength with which he grabbed her; marveling instead at the gentle way he cradled her elbow and urgency in which he squeezed it as he spoke. “It wasn’t me, Elena. But Logan is not the biggest development in the last 24 hours,” he paused, suppressing the urge he felt to make a joke about size and development at her expense, opting instead to again squeeze her arm. “The vampire that turned Logan, is close. I think it may already be in town.”
    Elena pulled her arm away from Damon’s hand. She turned the doorknob and stepped into the entry hall of her house. She turned back to Damon, and he noticed the fire in her eyes flare dangerously. “I don’t care,” she said, and closed the door, turning the lock and turning off the porch light simultaneously.